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Most Growth and Revenue Teams are overwhelmed with data. Data is in different places, formats and not ready to be utilized to extract it for deeper meaning.

Data Engineering Services

We work with your team to identify and ingest only the right data

Data Standardization

Ingest growth related data sets from different sources and convert them into a standard format for processing.

Data Cleaning

Cleanse and reshape all data types and explore your data in a dashboard.

Data Blending

Blend data from multiple sources and augment insights from third party data enrichment.


Don't have your product

Our innovative technique allows us to extract user behavior patterns from backend api logs.

If your product is fully instrumented either natively or with tools such as Segment, we can utilize that. No need to invent the wheel, we'll make use of your existing ETL pipeline.

We also integrate with cloud data warehouses like SnowFlake and BigQuery and CRM Tools.

Easy integration of you data with our platform

Minimal dev time and resources than other tools

You have full control of your data

Our innovative approach for product usage data allows you to control the data you send us

Anonymization and filtering of sensitive data

We work with your team to ensure data is PII and GDPR compliant

Pre-built connectors to popular tools

We have pre-built connectors to the most used growth tools


Integrated with your data and marketing automation platforms

Leverage your existing ETL pipeline and Marketing Automation Tools


Utilize existing Segment instrumentation to pipe data to GrowthSimple

Data Dog

Send product usage backend api logs for processing to GrowthSimple


Customer data can be pulled from Dropbox


Sync all customer success data with GrowthSimple

Asset 3


Predictive resutls are pushed to HubSpot to drive targeted Marketing automation


Easy ingest of product usage backend api logs that you are already collecting for processing

Data Exploration Dashboard

Our Data Science team will explore your data to identify the most important growth challenge and make data exploration insights available to you in a customizable dashboard.

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