A leading European based Anti-virus SaaS company millions of Trial users and hundred thousands of paid users wanted to incentivize users most likely to convert. The Chief Strategy Officer was looking to optimize marketing spend on users most likley to convert because of a marketing outreach.

The Solution

As is typical the data set was imbalanced with a lot less converted users than there were non converted users. To get the product usage data the GS team worked with the analyst on the BI team and received a one time dump of the back-end api logs, which was easy for her to provide via cloud transfer.

The high product usage allowed the GrowthSimple platform to utilize the event sequence patterns to predict who is most likely to convert. No other data set was used in this analysis.

The Results

GS CURE TM Platform provided 336% Prediction boost in validation results, which was 3x higher than baseline (random) selection of users for marketing outreach. With the inclusion of other data sets such as customer demographic, payment transaction and third party data the prediction boost can be improved further.

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