Our Mission

Our focus is to help SaaS & Subscription e-commerce companies to significantly scale their revenue by predicting user behavior.

How we got started

Our Story

SaaS and Subscription revenue growth depends on highly targeted strategies for conversion, up-sell and retention and deeply understanding user engagement. Taken together we call this CURETM and is our focus.

There is plenty of data about customers but its not easy to use which leads to sub-optimal or ineffective outcomes from growth outreach campaigns. One such example is when a data scientist builds an accurate churn model to predict who is going to churn, and then a marketing team initiates offers or campaigns to keep those customers. Now the problem is divided into two separate problems, solved by different teams, resulting in local optimal solutions.

Our founding team has experienced these challenges first hand while working at SaaS companies. We thought about this challenge from first principles and GrowthSimple was born!

Leveraging data to drive growth outcomes is not an easy task even for large enterprises. Our mission is to enable targeted growth strategies for SaaS and Subscription e-commerce companies, so they can significanlty scale their revenue.

Team is all you need

Our Team

Experienced team of ML and Growth Experts solving a real world problem


Arjun Saksena


Entrepreneurial Product Leader with 20+ years of experience working at Adobe, Yahoo! & Evernote. He was an early member of FastForward Networks acquired by Inktomi (for $1.3B) and Head of Product for Streamlogics, acquired by Thomson Reuters. He leads product, operations and supports go-to-market efforts.

He holds an MS from the University of Southern California and a BE from the University of Pune, India.


Gaurav Gupta

Head of ML & Data Science

ML & Data Science Leader and Innovator with 18+ years of experience in software development. He leads the overall technical architecture, research and execution.


Kevin Leighton

Head of Business Development

Kevin is an international executive experienced in; sales, strategy and operations. After 20 years at Hewlett-Packard, he started consulting to SaaS companies and acting as an advisor. In his role as Business Development Lead, Kevin is responsible for go-to-market strategy, client engagement and technology partnerships.


Millind Mittal

Co-founder, Strategic Advisor

Millind is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, innovator and technologist based in Silicon Valley. He has had impactful stints at Intel, where he was the architect of the Pentium MMX processor, and several other hi-tech companies. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction.

He holds a MS in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a BE from IIT Kanpur and is the receipient of 160+ patents.

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