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Designed for all teams responsible for Revenue Growth at SaaS & SMB e-commerce companies

Growth Analytics Platform

Our CURE AnalyticsTM platform enables companies to leverage their customer and product usage data to significantly scale revenue. Built-in pipelines tuned for descriptive insights and predictive outcomes for Conversion, Up-sell and Retention, and Engagement, lead to a holistic understanding of the entire user journey.

Smart Data Integration Service

Full loop integration services to ingest data from various sources to integrating outcomes with marketing automation tools. Pre-built connectors to popular tools such as Segment, Splunk, Salesforce & Zendesk.

Custom Visualizations

Custom and embedded visualizations to the specific needs to the customer with data separation and rich access controls.

The most comprehensive full loop growth analytics solution
created for c|

We work with growth and marketing managers who have marketing levers and are ready to leverage their data more completely. You control the outcomes you want to drive, we provide everything else.

Drive Higher Conversion from Trial to Paid Subscribers

Predict & reduce 30/60/90 day Churn

Identify and upsell to accounts most likely to upgrade

Deeply understand user behavior with rich engagement insights to personalize marketing activity


Drive impactful growth campaigns.
Focus on crafting marketing activities that drive revenue growth

Let us do the rest.





Frequenly Asked Questions.

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What is the engagement model?

Typical engagement starts with a pilot, which takes 6-8 weeks, where we work to provide a set of outcomes. These outcomes could be based on preditive or engagement analytics. Tuning the model(s) to optimize for the right outcome is an iterative process that can take upto 6-12 months.


How quickly can I get the results?

Initial model training takes 6-8 weeks once we have the data. Thereafter, predictions are available to you, on a daily or weekly cadence. These can be utilized to optimize various marketing campaigns.


How much time data do I need?

It really depends on the quality of the data. To drive meaningful outcomes it requires ~5-10K+ monthly users. Engagement analytics can be run on any amount of data.


Can I migrate a model that GrowthSimple built and bring it in-house?

Yes. We provide off-ramp from our CURE analytics platform. You are not locked into our platform and can take control when you need to.

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