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Analytics for Growth Teams

Designed for all teams responsible for Revenue Growth

System to measure performance of our predictions

Innovative system that integrates with your Marketing Automation tool(s) and enables you to measure lift.

Structured & Flexible Processing Platform

Flexible framework with no constraints that enables us to process complex flow queries. Proven proprietary ML recipes specialized for customer growth challenges.

Custom Visualization & Data Integration

We build custom dashboards that fit your needs. Innovative low touch approach to data capture that makes it easier to deploy and is query agnostic.

The most comprehensive turn key analytics solution
created for c|

Our data first approach allows us to be query agnostic, making your life easier. We integrate once with your application and thereafter require very minimal involvement even when new features are added and/or new version(s) released.

Query Agnostic

Easier to deploy

Data Integrity

Pre-built integrations with leading data pipeline solutions


GrowthSimple is faster, easier,
and you still have complete control.

We've built numerous custom analytics solutions in different verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, Retail, SaaS & Consumer Enteprise.

What are some of the challenges?

Defining the exact set of queries/outcomes is the hardest part. GrowthSimple provides an innovative business outcome definition tool that allows business users to precisely and simply define the business outcomes.

What is the expected outcome?

Most teams engage with us to provide a cohort of predicted users on a recurring basis (e.g. weekly) to utilize in A/B testing their marketing campaigns. Our customers have seen 2x to 10x increase in business outcomes based on analytics and predictions we have provided. In addition, business users feel confident that they can define the outcomes they want precisely and easily and rely on the results they receive.


Data Ingest Partners

Our customers are our biggest fans.

Here are a few nice things folks have said about our solution.

“GrowthSimple is super easy to integrate. The results we've got easiy satisfy all our behavioural analytics needs.”

CTO, Pharma Company

“I've never used an analytics solution as versatile and flexible as GrowthSimple. It's my go to for building product analytics on almost any project.”

CEO, Retail Company

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the analytics.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about data capture, data integrity and coming up with a valid hypothesis. Let us do that for you.





Fair, simple pricing.

All types of businesses need access to development resources, so we give you the flexibility to decide how much you need to use.

Behaviorial Analytics

Flexible, comprehensive behaviorial analytics

Easy, low touch one time data integration

Free custom dashboard included

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Predictive Analytics

We offer transparent pricing with discounts when we build ML models for a set of outcomes. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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What is the engagement model?

Buildling a stable ML model is an iterative process. We work closely with your team to define business outcome, success metric(s) and validation process, data format, duration etc. before we being the work.


Can I bring a model that GrowthSimple built and run it internally?

We will support exporting a ML model to customers' infrastructure at any point.


How much time does it take?

After we recieve the data it takes 6-8 weeks to build a predictable model. This includes a few times where we will ask the customer to validate the data and share the results with us. These results will help us refine the model for optimal predictions.


Is there a recurring monthly fee?

There is a nominal charge that includes hosting fees & tuning the models them from time to time when product usage data changes.

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