Predict User Behavior to enable targeted growth strategies

Find out how SaaS and Subscription e-commerce companies use our AI platform and Data Science services to drive significant revenue growth

Convert Trial Users to become Paid

For companies that offer free trials and have a large number of user accounts who need to know which users are most likely to convert to a paid plan.

Identify users most likely to upgrade

For companies with paid members who need to know which users are most likely to upgrade.

Predict Churn for Paid Users

For companies that need to understand who is likely to churn and in what horizon.

User Prediction solution for leaders
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We work with growth, marketing and sales leaders who need more sophistication but lack the engineering resources required to drive their strategy.

CURE TM Platform

Data Integration Service

Marketing Automation Integration and Support

Data Exploration Dashboards


The installed base of your customers
is your most important asset.

Purpose built for consuming your data to predict user behaviour

Learn everything about your existing customers

State of the art ML pipeline to derive actionable insights

Rev Ops work items not prioritized by engineering

Create rich dashboards and insights from your company's data without having to create events or setup tracking.


Drive impactful growth campaigns.
Focus on crafting marketing activities that drive revenue growth

Let us do the rest.





Frequenly Asked Questions.

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What is the engagement model?

Typical engagement starts with a pilot, which takes 6-8 weeks, where we work to provide a set of outcomes. These outcomes could be based on preditive scoring. Tuning the model(s) to optimize for the right outcome is an iterative process that can take upto 6-12 months.


How quickly can I get the results?

Initial model training takes 6-8 weeks once we have the data. Thereafter, predictions are available to you, on a daily or weekly cadence. These can be utilized to optimize various marketing campaigns.


How much data do I need?

We have innovative techniques which allows us to work out meaningful outcomes with small data sets.

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